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Talaga/Socal Service Manager Developed over 4 years, this program handles simple service business needs or way be used by a subcontractor to track new construction.  Multiple work orders per job are allowed.  Multiple invoices per job are OK too.  Great for tracking costs and checking profits.  Merges with ACCPAC and Peachtree products.  Merges with Vehicle Manager through Dispatch.  Create estimates and bids.  Create job templates for flat rate jobs.  Handles multiple work sites for a single customer if  that is needed.  Warns of excessive work at a customer site.  Tracks who entered data.  Written in VFP 6.  Source code is included.  pters.Socal Service Manager - Plumbing and HVAC Software Sales and Service in San Bernardino, The Inland Empire and Las Vegas
Vehicle Manager  This package is used to track the cost of owning a vehicle. Mileage, repair costs, employee reimbursable expense. All are there. Merges with Socal Service Manager.
Employment Agency Software
This program is an Accounts Receivable package for employment agencies.  It tracks payment plans as well as single payment receivables.  Fully modifiable. Employment Agency

Church Donation Records
A DOS program for tracking church records such as member addresses, donations, and interests. $49



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