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Plumbing and Service Business Software

Plumbing, Door and HVAC software.  Over 10 years experience in the Industry.  Used by 1 to 10+ truck plumbing, Door and HVAC companies.  The only fully modifiable service business software in the market. 

  • Socal Service Manager
  • Windows XP compatible
  • Work Orders
  • Company and individual Calendar
  • WIP with true retention
  • Inventory
  • Estimates
  • Flat Rate
  • Fully customized call entry screen for minimum call time
  • Multi-location sales tax tracking
  • True cost of job tracking
  • True cost of bid tracking
  • Fully modifiable - Source Code included
  • Risk free purchase method
  • Free upgrades through December 2006
  • Local in Los Angeles
  • Local in the Inland Empire
  • Local in Las Vegas

Build users  special is still on.  Only  $100 optional installation (Los Angeles/Las Vegas area outside that area installation costs will be somewhat higher.) and then $100 per month for 6 months.  (SOURCE CODE INCLUDED FREE TO NEXT 10 PURCHASERS.)  I want your business and will work harder then anyone else to get it.

Merges with ACCPAC/SBT and Peachtree

Work Orders

Work Order Features

  • Editable job address
  • Map coordinates
  • Track user PO numbers
  • Track data by Department, Division and Work Code
  • 3 Job types (Bid, T&M, and WIP - Work in Progress)
  • Frequent work warnings
  • Schedule work dates and times
  • Enter Retention %


Lots of Reports

  • Sales Reports
  • Tax Reports
  • As of Aging Reports
  • Reports by Employee
  • Reports by Job Site
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Payment Tracking
  • Work in Progress - Individual Job or Total Job Reports
  • Profitability Tracking
  • Analysis Reports
  • Instant Status Screen
  • More

Standard Features

  • Multiple or single work orders for each job.
  • Issue as many invoices for a job as you'd like.
  • Divide payments between multiple jobs.
  • Multiple sites available for each customer.
  • Separate billing addresses available.
  • Billing address can be assigned to multiple customers.
  • Aging to as of reporting available.
  • Track inventory on hand or use inventory as a price book.
  • List equipment at customer sites.
  • Track visits to a job site.
  • Compute labor costs.
  • Track costs and sales by work type or division.
  • View Job or contract details.
  • Lots of drill downs for easy access to information.
  • Import A/P data from SBT/ACCPAC
  • A calendar for job scheduling
  • Import bid or flat rate jobs
  • Fully modifiable.
  • Source code available.

Multiple billing Rates

Special Features

  • Export data to SBT/ACCPAC Vision Point Accounting Software.
  • Export data to Peachtree accounting software
  • P.O. module
  • Estimates module
  • Dispatch module
  • Supports data on costs entered in SBT/ACCPAC Vision Point Accounts Payable.
  • SBT/ACCPAC modification to pass multiple GL Accounts to Vision Point Payroll.

Coming Soon

  • Vehicle Manager merge.  Track auto costs, gas, repairs, mileage.
  • Cougar Mountain merge.
  • Merge in data from major suppliers for up to date inventory costs.
  • Even more drill downs.
  • Remote estimate entry


Please call  909-648-5767 or 702-813-8668 for latest pricing.


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