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Peachtree Training, installation, and bookkeeping services are available.  This is a great accounting solution for small business with limited volume.  About the same price as QuickBooks but much more powerful and complete.

 Vision Point Training, customization, and add on modules available.  Unfortunately constantly rumored to be on the Sage chopping block, this unlimited user VFP accounting solutions has not been updated in years.  It is easy to modify, priced under $10,000 and able to handle all the data you can throw at it with great speed. 

Cougar Mtn  Covert Vision Point to this package.  Nice mid-level accounting package at a low price.  Constantly update and full featured.  It's a great package for retail business and others.  Good job costing and a POS (Point of Sale) module are available.  The DBF style tables can handle up to 2 gigs of data with out problems.  The tables may be opened with ACCESS.  A non-profit version is available. 

DENALI by Cougar Mountain.  A slightly higher priced accounting package that provide SQL based bookkeeping.  A new package that will become Cougar Mountains flag ship.

PRO  Formerly ACCPAC PRO, SBT PRO, or SBT PRO.  This Visual FoxPro based package comes Peachtreein DBF and SQL version.  It is very complete but a bit pricy.  ERP, manufacturing, what have you it is all here.  Capable of handling an enterprise level accounting department, this package is for professional accounting departments in 100 million accounting departments and under.