AOL System Information 2001

This month’s first topic is the AOL system information screen.  It is reached from the Start Menu, programs, AOL area.  From the AOL area choose AOL System Information.  The AOL system information screen gives you a lot of helpful information.   This includes how much of your memory is used and the amount of free system resources you have.    In the disk drive area you all see your available free space.  In addition to system information there is also Status which shows you a history of AOL events, Modem which shows you information about your modem connections, Network which gives you information about the computer environment, and Connectivity Summary which shows you the modem set up string.













Finally there is Utilities.  This screen shows the browser cache and its size.  There is a button to clear browser cache.  This button is very important, as AOL does not automatically clear this cache in some cases.  If it becomes too large not only will AOL start having serious problems but other programs may also  have problems