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This month were adding more information on use tax to SBTBILL.COM. Use tax isnt new and almost every state has it. It affects both individuals and businesses but the audits are hitting businesses first. These audits can be expensive an acquaintance reports paying $200 in fines because of less then $5 in taxes. What causes use taxes? Out of state internet purchases. Weve been dealing with sales and use taxes for years and can help you avoid problems. Heres a quote from the Nevada tax agency .


Here is a nastiness that Im just starting to see in earlier version of FoxPro based Vision Point accounting software. Closing large files is causing one of the Fox commands to fail. Even though there is plenty of disk space a "not enough disk space" message is displayed. There are several ways to Fix this, but all involve programming. SBTBILL.COM can handle that.


Thinking of modernizing your accounting. Both Peachtree/Sage 50 and Quickbooks can import and export data. SBTBILL.COM prefers Peachtree/Sage 50. That is because more data can be imported. For Those needing more flexibility you might look at Cougar Mountain. SBTBILL.COM techs can help you move into any of these.

Looking for a unique vacation check out Haven Resort in the Philippines. We have pictures on our sister website CosmeticsLydia.Com. Looking for a local fun night check out the Area 51's in Las Vegas or the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.

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