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Why Cougar Mountain



CMS is the old version of Cougar Mountain.  We support it but because it is not compatible with Windows 8.  We recommend Denali

Cougar Mountain (CMS) provides many of the same features as much higher priced software at a price only slightly above low ends such as Peachtree and Quickbooks.

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Inventory, Purchase Orders and Accounts payable are all available for one low price ($1599 and up). In addition a first class Data Exchange module is included that makes merging with many other programs possible.

Additional modules include Bank Reconciliation, E-Commerce, Payroll, Bar Code Generator, On Line Credit Card Authorization, Multi-Location Inventory, and Job Costing are available. Prices for these modules range from $425 up. There is also a point of sale module that starts at $425 dollars.

While work station fee’s may become huge with some programs Cougar Mountain (CMS) is much more affordable. To go to unlimited users brings the price to $3,999 for the base module. The prices for other modules remain the same. There is even a capability for unlimited users. Thus unlike the Peachtree and Quickbooks the system will not die when you increase the number of users beyond 3 or 4 and unlike programs like ACCPAC PRO and MAS90 your pocket book will not die when you increase the number of users beyond 5 or 6.

A hidden cost of many programs is user training and needs. Quickbooks has long taken advantage of this by providing a program without security that is easy to use. You can learn Quickbooks in a day because it has no power and you pay your accountant to do every thing. On the other hand programs like MAS90 and Great Plains are designed for use by highly trained professionals. Generally, they are used by multi-person accounting departments as well. Cougar Mountain is much simpler.

Cougar Mountain is a full featured Program

Inventory Features Includes:

  • Cougar Mountain allows the use of standard cost for inventory. Not all programs do.
  • Cougar Mountain allows time period promotional pricing, while I'm sure nothing is unique I've never seen it elsewhere.
  • Cougar Mountain allows tracking inventory sales in multiple GL accounts.
  • Cougar Mountain supports serialization of inventory.
  • Item descriptions can be up to 45 characters lone, item codes can be up to 20 characters lone.
  • You get 10 user defined fields in the inventory module.
  • Alternate and superseded stock numbers are supported.
  • List, level, and markup pricing are supported
  • Buy and sell conversion are supported. I.e. buy in cases and sell in units.
  • You can view a transaction history for the item, i.e. a history of purchases and sales.
  • Multiple vendor stock numbers are support. I.E. you can track several vendors stock numbers for P.O.'s.
  • Specific customer pricing is available
  • Inventory items may have a picture attached.
  • You can copy your inventory from one company to another.
  • Editable "kits" BOM's are available'
  • Inventory adjustments may be done one at a time, via an external file such as
  • Excel or a file created by a bar code reader.
  • Multi-location inventory is available as an add on.
  • An e-commerce module is also available.
  • CMS Look up screens are activated by double clicking a magnifying glass on the field you which to search. Buttons have clear titles and help is always available. Multiple colors help differentiate grids.

    Not only are hints as to how to use the program common but the power they reveal is much greater then the low ends. Note that unlimited ship to address are allowed.

    The manual which is on disk provides clear descriptions as this snippet from the Job Costing Manual shows.

    Cougar Mountain provides a powerful, easy to use program at a cost only slightly above low ends such as Peachtree and Quickbooks. The program has enough power to compete with mid-level packages such as MAS90 and Great Plains. If you are outgrowing your low end accounting software Cougar Mountain provides the best bang for the buck available.

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