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Data Drilling with ACCPAC PRO

Data drilling is a method of traveling down the data stream to find the exact cause of an event. PRO have a number of places where this can be used. Unlike low ends the drilling does not allow you to change things so costly data change errors are avoided.

This is from GL maintain ->Acccounts->Single

In this case I want to see details on the debits in period 2 so I will select the magnifying glass from the task bar.

That brings up the following list of things that you may check out.

Selecting PO brings up the following screen.

Note that there is a magnifying glass on this one too. You can use it to find additional data. Pressing the binocular button brings up a query generator box that looks like this.

Running the query will take you to the matches in the table.

Data drilling helps you know what is going on.


Copyright Bill C. Couture, 2002

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