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Reprinting A Batch or Transaction in ACCPAC/SBT GL

This function is a bit tricky as it is not date sensitive. In order to print a batch or transaction the numbers of one or both must be known.

The Posted Batch Summary can be used to get a listing of the batches in a number range. Unfortunately date is not a part of the selection criteria. In fact date is not stored in the table that holds the batch info - only year and period.

The selection grid, however lets you input a range of numbers and batch types. The report generated is as follows:

From this report a specific batch can be selected. The Postings -> Range of Period Detail can then be used to reprint that batch.

It has a selection criteria that looks as follows:

Note that reprinting requires knowing the period and year of the batch you wish to reprint.

Many times a batch includes multiple transactions Thus it is often a good idea to preview before printing in case only one transaction group is desired.

The report is as follows.