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Don't you just love it that the IRS calls this the Simple Version of the tax form.  Get the data together and drop it off and we'll get it filled for you.  We'll put it on the much less simple California form too. 

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These day many people have a home based business. Being in bookkeeping we can help you with the income statement as well as form C. We also advise on records to keep and how to keep them so that your taxes will be as low as possible. We can help you avoid becoming a hobby business, too. We really read books like deduct it so that we know all the right offs you can get.



Our advertising is not on TV and the radio so you don't have to pay for that.  Thus we can do your taxes for less. 

Call us at 951-536-5012 or 702-813-8668

Many small business don't have the software to generate

We have the software to create and issue these.  We have the forms, too so you don't have to buy 50 forms to send out 10. 

We have the capability for electronic filing.

We can provide a full bookkeeping a tax service for you anywhere in the USA. 

Call us at 951-536-5012 or 702-813-8668