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Payless4Plumbing - Plumbing done right for less.  For low cost removal of clogs, installation of water heaters, and general plumbing call Payless4Plumbing.  No job is to big or to small.  800-220-0200!!  We clean up after ourselves.

If You Want To Pay More That's Your Business.  If You Want To Pay Less.  That's Our Business!!!

Serving All of Southern California

800-220--0209 (Toll Free)

Call us for all your plumbing questions

Look for our trucks in Los Angeles, Victorville, San Bernardino, Riverside, Anaheim - all over the Southland, Inland Empire, and Valley's.  Call us and tell us home many your kids can count.

You name it  Payless4plumbing has done it.  Our experienced rooter service is expert at removing clogged main lines.  Septic tanks are a staple with us.  Toilet, sink and drain problems are no problem.  Got a leak we'll find it.  Shower not working right - Shower Plumbing is easy for us.  Whether you seek repair, cleaning or replacement and installation of anything from standard plumbing to gas lines and water heaters, we are the optimal choice.

Need a pipe snaked out?  What size?  We'll do it!  We're the best home remedy for clogged drains.  Kitchen sink backing up, garbage disposal clogged  We'll unclog it.  We're able to fix a clogged bathtub in a single bound.  We have the equipment for underground pipe repairs.  Pipe joints, pool pipes, leaking pipes we repair them all.

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We're Payless4Plumbing.  Why look further.  Solve your problem for less with a call to 800-220-0209

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