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Peachtree 2001 Tax

Peachtree is still allowing user entered tax tables but seems to wish it wasn’t. In the past the Global tables could be entered without subscribing to the Peachtree service. Now only the company tables may be edited. To edit the tax tables in Peachtree select Payroll tax tables from the File tab of the main menu. Then choose Edit Company.

This brings up the Maintain Company Tax Tables screen. From this screen you can add new taxes or edit a tax table. Formulas are also added or edited here.

In the Bellwether Garden Supply example you will notice word ANSWER in the formula box. This is actually a reserved word variable. The 2350 you see is what is called a constant. If these areas are changing things will be a lot different then just changing a table. The example table looks very much like the normal grid.

The numbers are easy to type in, to match the tax you wish to enter or edit.