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Peachtree an Overview

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We support Legacy editions!

The Peachtree main menu is as follows

The file and edit menus

The File menu is used for controlling company information, exporting it, and updates. The edit menu is used to search and edit data.

Data may be imported and exported to CSV files which are comma delimited files that may be imported into programs such as EXCEL and Visual FoxPro.

The maintain menu is used to edit files that contain information. This includes the inventory, vendor, and customer files. Sales tax and default info can also be entered from here.

An example of the type of data that may be stored is shown in this Vendors screen.

The transactions menu is where things are done.

This might be receiving a payment in Receipts or making a payment in Payments. Sales Orders, which are editable, is here. Invoicing which is used to close sales order is also here.

The sales order menu shows that you can track jobs.

The Analysis and Options menu are used to show company info and to make changes that affect most of the program. The services menu is used for on line services with Peachtree

The financial Manager displays the following info.

The reports menu is used to show your data.

Note that Peachtree provides support for Crystal reports.

Other reports are also editable.

The help menu is one of the most important areas of the program

The Peachtree Accounting Help and Contents and Index are most important. These use a standard Windows format. Selecting Contents brings up the following:

Double clicking any item will take you to it. Note that there is also a Search function. Ask a question requires you to be on line.


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