Pro Tips

Over the years I've published a number of brief tips here are some of them.

1)  When using sales discounts in SBT PRO sales orders the lower of the item discount or the customer discount will be used.  (PRO 6.0)

2)  In SBT PRO Inventory 3 fields are shown for Price; Standard, Last and Average. Average is calculated by the program and generally should not be edited. Last cost tells you the last entered cost. Keep in mind this could be a special purchase at an unusual price. Standard cost lets you store a price that you think is typical for the item and use this in inventory valuation. (PRO 6.0)

3)  SBT PRO payroll has 2 fields for exempt from taxes. One is exempt that means the employee doesnít pay the tax. The other is active. That determines if the tax is used. If Active isnít checked that tax isnít included in the wage totals. I.E. it is totally ignored. If active is checked and exempt is checked the total is shown but no taxes are taken out. (pro 6.0)