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Sage50 (Peachtree) Training

New to Sage50 (Peachtree)? Not sure what a job is? What is the sales cycle? Why do I need a chart of Accounts? Are you someone who used other programs but has never seen Sage50? We can answer these questions and many more.

We offer a 6 secession course for up to 3 people at a time for a reasonable rate.

Session 1 is an overview of Sage50 (Peachtree)

Session 2 includes information on how to use the Maintain Menu

This is where you set up your customers, vendors, inventory and other information. It is also where you can set up sales tax rates and security.

Session 3 will cover Sales and invoicing on the Tasks Menu.

Session 4 will cover paying your bills and the general journal. The general journal grows in importance as more and more electronic transactions occur.

Session 5 cover the reports menu and how to modify both the financial reports and the other reports.

Session 6 covers miscellaneous areas. These include the action tab where you can schedule tasks and other events. The Time tab that helps you bill for services. The Analysis menu that helps you see what you are doing.

Additional sessions on special items are available for an additional cost.