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Selling With Websites

There are currently about millions of websites. As most of you know the internet is a very competitive place and even if I knew how to make you number 1 it wouldn’t last. So I can’t give you a secret to become number 1, OR CAN I?

It depends on how you define number 1. If you were looking for a beauty shop on the internet you’d probably do something like searching for beauty shops in Sheboygan. Turns out that the AOL version of Goggle doesn’t list one on the first page. In fact there is not one in the first 3 pages. There is a service listed that lists them, however.

Now let me ask you some questions do you really want to sell product all over the country or do you think most of your sales will be in your local area? When you use the internet to buy something do you look nationally or do you look locally? Do you prefer a local source? If you’re like me you answered yes to two out of the three questions. This then is the secret of how many of you can be NUMBER 1. Add your location to your website and put it near the top.  In many cases the leads you get will be more valuable..

I should point out that it takes several months for this trick to work.

A point about PPC (Pay Per Click).  This usually doesn't  differentiate on location.  Do you really want to pay for leads from outer Mongolia?