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April 2002 Newsletter


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You may have seen a book called HTML 4 for Dummies. Like most of this series it is sometimes a bit elementary. However, it makes some very good points and presents a lot of ways to use code in building your web page. This is true even if you are using a tool such as FrontPage. One of the points it makes is that you should design your web on paper before you begin building it. Organization and the outlining and writing tips that are used in good writing are just as important in web design as they are in any other form of communication.


Ship to addresses are useful for customers who are billed at one location but have their purchases delivered to another. An example of this might be a restaurant chain that has several sites in a city, each of which is delivered bread, but all billings are to a central office, which may not receive deliveries. In some cases drop shipments might be involved. Vision Point, PRO 6.5 and Peachtree all support ship to addresses.

Vision Point

Once you have gone to the customer maintenance screen you will find ship to among the bottom commands.

Pressing this button brings up the following selection box

If you are adding ship tos the number may be the street number or zip code. Always use something that will be unique and easy to remember. The F2 key will bring up a list of the ship tos for this customer. There is no limit to the number of ship tos a customer may have. The phone number should be unique for each ship to. It is checked when you add a ship to address.

When you are adding a ship to address you may copy default information from the customer record.

The ship to address data entry screen is as follows:

Note that ship tos may have a different tax code, sales tax rate, salesperson, territory, sales discount and contact from the primary record. Of course the address would normally be different.

An example of how a ship to might be used can be found in invoicing which starts at the ship to address box. Placing a number or ? here will list the ship tos for this customer.

The list is as follows:

Once an address is selected it becomes the ship to for that invoice.


Unlike Vision Point, Peachtree allows only 10 ship to addresses including the billing address. The ship to addresses are entered at the Maintain Customers/Prospects screen.

Changing from the bill to address to one of the 9 ship tos changes the screen to allow you to enter a shipping address and sales tax code.

Additional phone numbers are not allowed.

To select the shipping address or add a new one when invoicing select the ship to button by the address box.

This brings up a box that lets you select or add an address. There is also a box to check for drop shipments.


To enter shipping addresses in PRO go to the customer maintenance screen and pull down the screens selector box.

Pressing the Ship to item brings up the ship to address box. Like Vision Point a number is used to identify the shipping address. Also like Vision Point the number of ship to addresses is unlimited.

When you assign the company to the ship to you may copy the data from the customer record and then change the details. A separate tax district, salesperson, contact, FOB, ship via, sales discount, and comments may be entered for each ship to. To save a ship to click the disk icon in the upper right hand box of controls.


Once again an example from invoicing will show how to use the ship to address.

Select ship to which is above the address lines. Then enter the ship to address you wish to use or use the pick list to display the available ship tos. Ship tos may only be added at the customer screen.



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