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A complete on site training class for Peachtree.  5 sessions of 1 1/2 hours each.  Plus 2 optional sessions for Best Fixed Assets and Crystal Reports.  Base price is $350.  Optional sessions are $75 each.  Outside the Las Vegas/San Bernardino areas a travel charge may be added.  Includes CD copy of Peachtree a Study Guide.

The defaults area of the Maintenance menu brings up the following submenu

Customers, the first of these brings up the following screen

The inventory items area allows you to track inventory in detail

Quantity on hand, reorder point, Unit/Measure, etc are all here. The UPC/SKU may be exported and sent to a program for printing bar codes via Zebra bar code printers or others.

Item Attributes allow you to set up a master item and copy it to a group of other items. However, because of database design the number of items is limited to 20.

The select for deposit item lets you indicate which payments are in a deposit.

In some cases such as the invoice templates this button has a great deal more power.

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