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Reeves Journal included a Tom Grandy column on billable hours a while back. It suggests the highest cost of doing business is non-billable hours. Some of these things are not really changeable sick pay, vacation time, holidays and the like just happen. Sometimes shop time is necessary to keep top quality employees.

But call backs and unbilled change orders are another story. The Socal Service Manager program can help you with these. The invoicing and calendar areas both contain a call back button.

Call backs let you associate work with a specific job. This helps determine actual profitability.

Tabulation of work for a customer over the last 30 and 90 days lets you see if a lot has been going on. This may mean a good customer or a dissatisfied customer.

The recent jobs by customer report allows you to look at customers who have been seen at or over a specific number of times in recent days.


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