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Picture #1 is of Alyxandria, Wilhelm, Bill, and Lydia.  It was taken at Discanso Gardens in LA.

Picture #2 is of Bill and Lydia.  It was taken in Miami Florida.

Picture #3 is of Lydia's brother Bert and his family.

Picture #4 is of Lydia's brother Berting and his wife Beth.

Picture #5 is of Lydia, my children, Lydia's friends, and me at the LDS church where we were married in Las Vegas.

Picture #6 is of us and Bishop Efros who conducted the ceremony.

Picture #7 is of the kids at a Dino Park outside of Sault Lake, City.

Picture #8 is of Lydia and the kids at the 2002 Lotus Festival at Echo Park in LA.

Picture #9 is of Lydia in front of a Philippine History booth at the Lotus Festival.

Picture #10 Our bird.

Picture #11  Wilhelm with Tribble.

Picture #12 Lydia at The Castel Park - Riverside

Picture #13 The Tribble boy holds court

Picture #14 Lydia and Bill at the Castel Park

Picture #15 Wilhelm and friend


Let me know where your favorite places are, OK?

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