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Sorry to say you can't buy Vision Point any more.  It was great.  Sage does not support Vision Point.  However, I can support most editions even the older ones.  I can also help you covert to Peachtree or export data to files that can be loaded into many other programs.

For very small business we recommend you convert to Peachtree.  For larger business we recommend Cougar Mountain Denali.  Denali is a Microsoft SQL based system that allows easy access to data and specialty add ons.  


  • Unlimited Multi-user
  • Fully modifiable
  • Lightning Fast
  • Easy to learn and use
  • No hidden costs
  • XP compatible
  • The best data mining in its price range

This product is PROís older and smaller brother. For those familiar with or interested in the history of this family of ACCPAC products it is the original SBT product and goes back all the way to the early 80ís at which time it was it was simply called SBT. In those days it was designed to run in Clipper, Aston Tate dBase, and Toledo FoxBASE+. At the time Microsoft came out with Visual FoxPro it continued on as Vision Point while PRO was created to run as a full Windows product in the new version of FoxPro.  This edition is the first Windows only version.  It has not been update since 2000 and is not expected to be updated in the future.  It is no longer available for purchase.

However, many people still use the product.  While, many "SBT" - Sage PRO dealers no longer support this package we do!  Need training we can do it.  Need customization we can do it.  We keep Vision Point running without the expense of upgrading.

This venerable product has the same modular structure as its younger relative PRO.

Above is a list of some of the modules available. Missing but available is Payroll. Unlike PRO, which maintains a never-ending history, it  maintains 2 years of history of GL history.

Note that many useful data items are stored in the customer file. For instance multiple ship toís are allowed and a history for the customer is maintained.

While PRO has a fully separate inventory module in Vision Point the inventory module is part of AR and Sales Orders.

Another major difference between Vision Point and PRO that only one unit of measurement is allowed in Vision Point.

Like PRO a large number of reports are available.

These reports use the Visual FoxPro database language and may be easily modified by anyone familiar with that tool.


One of the greatest strength of Vision Point is the large number of 3rd party applications that have been written to work with it. From itís earliest days this has been the primary reason for Vision Points popularity.

In this menu detail from the general ledger the update from linked programs menu is shown. It is quite possible to import data from many programs into Vision Point. Note that the program is very easy to merge with BEST Fixed Assets software. Both these things are also true of PRO.

With the Manufacturing module BOM (Bill of Materials) may be added to Vision Point. This feature is found in Job Costing in PRO. A PRO job costing module is also available.

Another very popular feature of Vision Point is shown in this detail from the Payroll program.

Unlike many programs both Vision Point and PRO allow user updates of tax tables. Thus it is not necessary to pay an annual fee for a tax up date as is the case with programs such as Quickbooks. While updates are available they are at the users option and not a forced purchase.

Vision Point now runs in Visual FoxPro. Because of this version 9 was the last to run in both DOS and Windows. Internally Vision Point remains a FoxPro 2.6 program for the most part. It also is one of the few remaining multi-user programs that does not limit the number of users per license.


If you are looking for a low priced product non better exists.

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