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Setting Paper Size In Windows XP


While not difficult this task drives many people up the wall because it is hard to find.  Note setting paper size in XP is only necessary if you are using a dot matrix printer.  Step 2 is the key.  Still we must start with step one.


Go to the Printers and faxes selection of the menu

Open this selection and choose the dot matrix printer you wish to add a paper size too.

Next open the files drop down and select Server Properties.  This is the key that most people forget.  It just isn't the first place you think to look.

Opening Server Properties brings up the following window.

Right in the middle of this page is a check box that allows you to create a new form.  Most commonly this is a check or special invoice size.  At the bottom are 3 sets of boxes that let you set the paper size and margins.  Usually the first is most important.  For instance for checks you usually need to set the height to 7.

Unfortunately this is often a process that takes several tries before you get the measurements just right so plan to waste a few sample copies of the paper you are adjusting the size to.  In order to edit a size you need to have the create a new form box checked, too.  I recommend against editing the default sizes.  Just add new ones as you need them.  Remember to Apply or OK to save.

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